Wonder Edit

Unlocks the Volkshalle World Wonder.

Tier 1 Edit

Elite Forces Edit

All Military Units have +10% increased Strength font icon Combat Strength and gain an extra 10 HP when healing.

Gunboat Diplomacy Edit

Gain 50 Influence font icon Influence when you tribute Gold font icon Gold from a City State (instead of losing Influence). Tributing City States no longer terminates quests.

Futurism Edit

Gain 250 global Tourism font icon Tourism (on Quick Speed) whenever a Great People#Great Writer font icon Great Writer, Great People#Great Artist font icon Great Artist, or Great People#Great Musician font icon Great Musician is born.

Universal Healthcare Edit

+1 Happiness font icon Happiness from each National Wonder and Guild.

Industrial Espionage Edit

+2 Spy font icon Spies and Spies steal Science font icon technology twice as fast.

Client States Edit

Puppet font icon Puppeted Cities do not increase Science font icon Science costs and allow purchasing as if they were annexed.

Jingoism Edit

+15% Strength font icon Attack Strength in foreign territory during Golden Age font icon Golden Ages, and they last 25% longer.

Third Alternative Edit

Quantity of Strategic Resources produced is doubled. Starts or extends a Golden Age font icon Golden Age for 8 turns (on Quick Speed).

Tier 2 Edit

[Prereq: 2x Tier 1]

Total War Edit

+25% Production font icon Production when building Military Units and new Military Units start with +15 Experience.

United Front Edit

+25% Strength font icon Combat Strength for Land and Naval Units near City States that are friendly, allied or can be liberated.

War Hero Edit

Gain a free Great Artist font icon Great Artist with every Great General font icon Great General, and a free Great General font icon Great General appears.

Fascism Edit

+15 Global Happiness font icon Happiness in the Empire.

Mobilization Edit

Gold font icon Gold cost to purchase, upgrade, and maintain Military Units reduced by 25%.

Tier 3 Edit

[Prereq: 2x Tier 2]

Lightning Warfare Edit

Land Military Units gain +1 Movement font icon Movement and ignore Zone of Control.

Partisans Edit

+50% chance to succeed at City State coups. (Example: If coup chance is 24%, this tenet increases it to 74%)

Cult of Personality Edit

Gain up to +100% Tourism font icon Tourism depending on your military strength (Soldiers) relative to other Civilizations.

Police State Edit

Barracks, Armories, Military Academies, and Courthouses each provide +2 Happiness font icon Happiness.