• Pusillanimous

    Translating Fruity Wiki

    December 27, 2017 by Pusillanimous

    Just like the main Civilization games are played around the world, NQMod and enjoyed by people many different countries. Interest has been shown in translating the wiki to help the project reach even more people. To do this right, we will need a system in place for organizing and delivering those translations.

    I'm putting down my thoughts here on how this can be done. I hope to get community feedback on the topic, and maybe inspire some would-be translators to pitch in!

    Wikia has feature support for officially linking alternate language wikis.

    • Probably a better user experience, especially for those who don't speak English. Everthing including the wiki's & Wikia's headers and links will be in the user's language.
    • Built-in Wikia interlanguag…

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  • Pusillanimous

    Hi everyone! I've been working on things here (on and off) for the last 6 months. I want to put down my thoughts on the current state of the wiki, to share some plans and get hope for some feedback.

    I'm trying the blog feature for the first time as well - it seems like a good way to separate this type of content from the main wiki pages. I made a similar post on the NQMod subreddit recently - I'll be repeating parts of that here.

    Here's what's fully or mostly complete and updated to the newest mod version:

    • Changelogs: The cumulative changelist plus complete copies of version changelogs from v12.4 back to v4 (before v4 are partial, the originals are gone).
    • All policies (Social Policies, Ideologies) and all Religion beliefs.
    • The Civilizations and …

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