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v12 Changelist is as follows:


  • Unemployed Citizens renamed to "Laborers" and now provide +2 Production (up from +1). They still do not count as Specialists for any purposes.
  • Spaceship Parts: All Civilizations may now use Great Engineers to rush Spaceship Parts regardless of Ideology policies.
  • [Bug Fix]: Keeping a spy in an allied City State will now properly decrease the chances of enemy coup success.
  • Coups now use actual behind-the-scenes influence with city state for formulas, not current influence. This means declaring war doesn't lock someone's coup chance down to 0%.
  • After a Coup, opponent's Influence is reduced to 0.
  • When a city state is liberated, units are no longer pushed out of its borders.


[New Civ] Mali (Mansa Musa)
  • Start Bias: Avoid Tundra
  • [UA] Golden Hajj: +1 Gold from Mines. During Golden Ages, all tiles that produce at least 1 Gold also provide 1 Faith.
  • [UU] Skirmisher (replaces Composite Bowman): Ignores terrain costs.
  • [UB] Treasury (replaces Mint): Can be built everywhere. Also provides +2 Gold from Salt. When constructed, reveals a new source of Copper, Silver, Gold, or Salt on an appropriate unimproved tile within the City's borders (if possible).
  • Known Issue: The UU and UB borrow art from other parts of the game.
  • Pioneer: No longer provides a free Worker when it settles. Now has a Combat Value of 5 and 3 Movement (in addition to still ignoring terrain costs). Cannot attack. Costs ~25% less Production.

Royal Library: The first Royal Library you build gets a free Great Work of Writing.

  • [UA Remake] Diplomatic Marriage: Other Civilizations may not send Gold gifts to City States that have been your Ally for the last 5 turns.
  • Phoenician Heritage: Your Cargo Ships are immune to being plundered.
  • Art of War: No longer provides additional combat strength bonus from Great Generals.
  • Chu-ko-nu: Now uses regular Logistics promotion instead of unique one, preventing triple attack upgrade.
  • [Bug Fix]: Art of War promotion tooltip now correctly shows name and help text.
  • Population Growth: Unhappiness penalty for number of Cities removed. Reduction in Unhappiness from Population nerfed to -25% (down from -50%).
  • War Elephant: No longer costs increased Production (compared to Chariot Archer).
  • Mughal Fort: Now provides +1 Defense per Citizen in the City (instead of flat +7).
  • Pyramid: Gold maintenance cost reduced to 0 (down from 1). Science bonus reduced to +1 (down from +2).
  • Great Humanitarian: Trade Mission bonus Gold reduced to +25% (down from +100%).


  • Archaeologist: Cost reduced to 50 (down from 134). Can be purchased with Gold now.
  • Inquisitor: Now has 4 movement (up from 2).
  • Trireme, Dromon, Longship, and Quinquereme moved to Optics (from Sailing).

Mechanized Infantry moved to Advanced Ballistics (from Mobile Tactics).

  • [Bug Fix]: Units with multiple attacks (Logistics promotion, etc) lose all remaining movement after the final attack (similar to how units with one attack lose all remaining movement after attacking). NOTE: This is not true if the unit is specifically allowed to move after attacking (example: Naval Melee or Mounted units).
  • [Bug Fix]: Units with more current movement than max movement (ex: 3/2 or 5/4) which perform an action that removes all remaining movement now correctly have all movement removed instead of being left with 1 movement. This happened with China (move General away from unit) and Persia (turn after Golden Age ends), and affected movement such as crossing a river, entering rough terrain with a Chariot Archer, or moving adjacent to a city you were at war with.


  • Great Engineers, Great Merchants (and Great Humanitarians), Great Scientists, and Great Prophets all now have base move speed of 4 (up from 2).
  • Civilizations may no longer gift Great People to each other.


  • Shrine: Gold maintenance cost reduced to 0 (down from 1).
  • Granary: No longer provides +1 Food from Deer or Bison.
  • [New] Hunting Lodge (Archery tech): +2 Food in the City and +1 Food from Deer and Bison. Also allows sending food trade routes (like Granary).
  • Lighthouse: No longer provides +1 additional Food from Fish.
  • Harbor: Now provides +1 additional Food from Fish.
  • University: Science bonus reduced to +25% (down from +33%).
  • Zoo: +3 Happiness (up from +2).
  • Stadium: +4 Happiness (up from +2).
  • Constabulary: Now also provides +1 Happiness.
  • Police Station: Now also provides +2 Happiness.


  • Pyramids: Worker build speed to +25% (up from +20%). Note: Roads will still take 2 turns.
  • Angkor Wat: Culture reduced to +1 (down from +3). No longer provides a Great Engineer point.
  • Leaning Tower of Pisa: No longer provides a free Great Person.


  • Military Caste: Happiness from Courthouses reduced to +1 (down from +2).
  • Military Tradition: Food, Production, and Gold from Courthouses reduced to +3 (down from +4).
  • Religious Tolerance: Science from Grand Temple reduced to +20% (down from +25%).
  • Theocracy: Gold from Grand Temple reduced to +33% (down from +50%).
  • Finisher: Production from Grand Temple reduced to +2 (down from +4).
  • Flourishing of the Arts: No longer provides +1 Tourism from Great Works or World Wonders. Now also provides double theming bonuses.
  • Fine Arts: Bonus Tourism from buildings reduced to +15% (down from +25%).
  • Finisher: No longer provides +100% Production towards Archaeologists. No longer doubles theming bonuses.

IDEOLOGIES (overhauled - new Ideologies below)Edit

  • [Bug Fix]: When you switch Ideologies, you only lose 1 Tenet (instead of 2).
  • Elite Forces: All Military Units have +10% increased Combat Strength and gain an extra 10 HP when healing.
  • Gunboat Diplomacy: Gain 50 Influence when you tribute Gold from a City State (instead of losing Influence).
  • Futurism: Gain 250 Tourism (on Quick Speed) with all known Civilizations whenever a Great Writer, Great Artist, or Great Musician is born.
  • Universal Healthcare: +1 Happiness from each National Wonder and Guild.
  • Industrial Espionage: +2 Spies and Spies steal technology twice as fast.
  • Client States: Puppeted Cities do not increase Science costs and allow purchasing as if they were annexed.
  • Jingoism: +15% Attack Strength in foreign territory during Golden Ages, and they last 25% longer.
  • Third Alternative: Starts or extends a Golden Age for 8 turns (on Quick Speed).
  • Mobilization: Gold cost to purchase, upgrade, and maintain Military Units reduced by 25%.
  • United Front: +25% Combat Strength for Land and Naval Units near City States that are friendly, allied or can be liberated.
  • War Hero: Gain a free Great Artist with every Great General, and a free Great General appears.
  • Fascism: +15 Global Happiness in the Empire.
  • Total War: +25% Production when building Military Units and new Military Units start with +15 Experience.
  • Lightning Warfare: Land Military Units gain +1 Movement and ignore Zone of Control.
  • Partisans: +50% chance to succeed at City State coups. (Example: If coup chance is 24%, this tenet increases it to 74%)
  • Cult of Personality: Gain up to +100% Tourism depending on your military strength (Soldiers) relative to other Civilizations.
  • Police State: Barracks, Armories, Military Academies, and Courthouses each provide +2 Happiness.
AUTOCRACY (Ideology Wonder)
  • Volkshalle: 1 free Social Policy. +1 Culture, +6 Happiness. Golden Ages last 25% longer.
FREEDOM (Tier 1)
  • Economic Union: Gold Gifts and Trade Missions with City States provide 30% more Influence.
  • Liberalism: Gain 300 Science (on Quick Speed) whenever a Great Person is born.
  • Consumerism: Trade Missions (Great Merchants) provide 50% of Gold gained as Tourism with all known Civilizations.
  • Universal Healthcare: +1 Happiness from each National Wonder and Guild.
  • Covert Action: +2 Spies and doubles both chance of rigging election in City-States and Influence change from doing so.
  • Volunteer Army: Military Land Units in friendly territory gain +15 additional HP when healing and +15% Combat Strength.
  • Free Trade: +10% Gold in all Cities for each City State trading partner in the Empire.
  • Civil Society: Specialists provide +1 Gold and consume half the normal amount of Food.
FREEDOM (Tier 2)
  • Voice of Democracy: Gain 12 Influence with every known City State whenever a Great Person is born.
  • Free Market: 12% of the Empire's Gold income each turn is converted to bonus Science.
  • Avante Garde: +2 Culture and +2 Tourism from each Great Work and World Wonder.
  • Capitalism: Specialists provide +1 Production and produce half the normal amount of Unhappiness.
  • Universal Suffrage: +33% Great People points in all Cities.
FREEDOM (Tier 3)
  • Treaty Organization: City State Friends will no longer declare war on you in support of their Ally.
  • Space Procurements: Allows the purchase of Spaceship Parts with Gold.
  • Media Culture: Amphitheaters, Opera Houses, Museums, and Broadcast Towers each increase City Tourism output by 25%.
  • New Deal: Great Person tile improvements each provide +2 Production, +2 Culture, +2 Gold, +2 Science, and +2 Happiness.
FREEDOM (Ideology Wonder)
  • Statue of Liberty: 1 free Social Policy. +1 Culture, +5 Population and +10 Happiness.
ORDER (Tier 1)
  • Academy of Sciences: Each City increases Science costs of Technologies by 3.75% (instead of 5%).
  • Commissariats: Free Constabulary when you conquer a City, and +1 Production from Constabularies.
  • Utopianism: +6 Tourism in each City.
  • Universal Healthcare: +1 Happiness from each National Wonder and Guild.
  • Double Agents: +2 Spies and Spies are twice as likely to kill enemy Spies when stationed in your Cities.
  • Collectivization: +3 Food and +1 Happiness in each City.
  • Iron Curtain: +5 Production from Internal Trade Routes.
  • Five Year Plan: +25% Production towards Buildings in all Cities and +1 Production from each Mine, Quarry, and Manufactory.
ORDER (Tier 2)
  • Workers' Faculties: +3 Science from Workshops, Windmills, Factories, Hydro Plants, Solar Plants, Nuclear Plants, and Spaceship Factories.
  • Satellite States: Conquered Cities have no resistance time and gain a free Police Station.
  • Socialist Realism: +50% Tourism to Civilizations with less Happiness.
  • Communism: Reduces Unhappiness from Ideology pressure by 75%.
  • Ministry of Railways: +10% increased Production boost from Railroads and +1 Happiness for each City connected to the Capital by Railroads.
ORDER (Tier 3)
  • Spaceflight Pioneers: Free Research Lab (at Plastics) and Spaceship Factory (at Robotics) in every non-Occupied City.
  • Red Army: +15% Combat Strength when fighting Units belonging to a Civilization with fewer Cities.
  • Cultural Revolution: The Empire gains bonus % for Great Musician points equal to its Production output.
  • Party Leadership: +3 Happiness per City.
ORDER (Ideology Wonder)
  • Kremlin: 1 free Social Policy. +1 Culture, +1 Happiness from Workshops, Factories, Hydro Plants, Solar Plants, and Nuclear Plants.


  • Great Prophets: Spawning a Great Prophet now reduces your Faith by the amount it cost instead of removing all of your Faith. Costs rounded to the lowest 10 (i.e 200 instead of 201).
  • [Bug Fix]: Fixed a bug where number of religions that can be founded decreases by 1 after killing a player that founded a religion (even though the total had already decreased by 1 for them founding it to begin with).
  • The AI will now appropriately value and potentially select the new religious beliefs Religious Settlements, Deus Vult, and Dharma.
  • Goddess of Festivals: Now also provides +1 Culture from the same resources (Wine, Sugar, Spice, and Truffles).
  • God-King: Now also provides +1 Happiness.
  • [New] Goddess of Love: +12 Faith (on Quick Speed) when a new Citizen is born.
  • Ocean's Bounty: Removed from the game.
  • Stone Circles: No longer provides +2 Faith from Quarries, instead now provides +1 Production and +1 Culture from Quarries.
Founder Beliefs
  • Shepherd & Flock: Removed from the game.
  • [New] Religious Settlements: Gain 2 Settlers. +25% Border Growth in your cities following this Religion.
  • Defender of the Faith: Combat bonus reduced to +15% (down from +20%).
  • Messiah: Great Prophet discount reduced to 25% (down from 30%).
Follower Beliefs
  • Liturgical Drama: Old effect removed. Now allows the purchase of Amphitheaters, Opera Houses, and Broadcast Towers with Faith.
  • [Bug Fix] Madrassa: Tooltip now correctly shows extra science info in both building list and purchase queue.
  • Religious Community: Max bonus reduced to +10% (down from +15%).
  • Spiritual Dialogue: Bonus increased to +3 Science (up from +2).
Enhancer Beliefs
  • Dalai Lama: Bonus reduced to +7 (down from +8).
  • Deus Vult: The military units that appear are now 2 Mounted, 2 Ranged, and 2 Siege.
  • Papal Primacy: +4 Faith per turn for each City State following your Religion and Religion spreads to friendly City States twice as fast.
  • [Bug Fix] Pilgrimage: No longer gives +2 Faith for other players' foreign Trade Routes.
  • [Tooltip Fix] Promised Land: Tooltip made clearer: "Religion spreads twice as fast to your Cities but 75% slower to other Cities."
Reformation Beliefs
  • Apostolic Palace: All yields (Food, Production, Gold, Culture, Science, Faith, and Happiness) reduced to +4 (down from +5).
  • Religious Unity: You can gift Faith to City States for Influence (instead of Gold).
  • Sacred Sites: Now also provides +2 Faith from religious buildings purchased with Faith.
  • World Church: +1 Happiness and +1 Culture per 5 followers in Foreign Cities and Religion spreads 50% faster.


  • Fishing Boats: Now also provide +1 Production from Fish, Crab, Whales, and Pearls by default.
  • Marsh Chop: Now takes 2 turns (on Quick Speed) and provides the same as a Forest Chop except as Food instead of Production.
  • Jungle Chop: Now takes 2 turns (on Quick Speed) provides the same as a Forest Chop except ½ as Food and ½ as Production.
  • Worker Speed: All improvements now take a maximum of 4 turns to build (on Quick Speed). If chopping is required it adds 2 turns max (which is how much full chop costs). The following improvements have been affected: Farm, Mine, Trading Post, Camp, Pasture, Quarry, Lumber Mill, Fort, Oil Well, Brazilwood Camp, Polder, Terrace Farm, Moai, Kasbah, Feitoria, Chateau.


  • Sailing no longer requires Pottery and moved to column 1, cost reduced to match.
  • Optics moved to Ancient technology, column 2, cost reduced to match.
  • Particle Physics no longer requires Mobile Tactics as prerequisite.
  • Mobile Tactics removed from the game.


  • Cultural City States: Now provide +2/4 in Ancient, +5/8 in Medieval, and +10/15 in Industrial (down from +3/6, +6/12, +13/26) based on Friends/Allies status.
  • Maritime City States: If Friends, provides +2 Food in Capital. If Allies provides +4 Food in Capital and +2 Food in every other City.


  • World's Fair now scales with game speed and duration reduced by 10%. It now lasts for 12 turns (on Quick Speed).


  • While at war with a City State, the influence tooltip now shows you what your Influence would be if you were at peace.
  • Added new Streamer Panel UI element which can be toggled on and off via a new button next to the Minimap. This panel displays your current Policies and Religious Beliefs on a solid bar at the bottom of the screen.
  • Fixed multiple bugs with the UI showing the wrong amount of turns it would take for an improvement to be built, both total and remaining turns.