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v12.1 Changelist is as follows:

Hello all! V12.1 contains some particularly important bug fixes, both for gameplay and for multiplayer stability. Here they are:

  • Fixed a bug whereby different players would see different resources spawned by the Treasury which, in some cases, could cause resyncs, and rarely they would be unrecoverable.
  • Fixed a bug where buying Treasury with gold would not spawn a new resource.
  • Fixed a bug where worker speeds were not as intended, in particular for removing roads, chopping, and building improvements on forests/jungles/marshes. For more detailed information on worker speeds, view This Spreadsheet. If you are on quick speed, the Quick, Q+25, and Q+50 columns show you # of turns with nothing, citizenship OR pyramids (+25), and citizenship AND pyramids (+50), respectively.
  • Fixed a bug whereby you did not need the Reformation Belief Religious Unity to send Faith gifts to City States (despite the UI being red and showing a tooltip saying you couldn't, you could still click it and it worked if you had at least 100 Faith).