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  • Mali: Now shows a notification on the right when you spawn a new resource from a Treasury.


  • Angkor Wat: No longer provides a free University. Now provides +10 Science, +3 Culture, and +1 Great Engineer point.


  • Legalism: No longer provides +2 Culture from the Palace.
  • Fine Arts: Tourism modifier from buildings reduced to +10% each (down from +15%).


Autocracy T1
  • Gunboat Diplomacy: Tributing City States no longer terminates quests.
  • Futurism: Updated tooltip to shorten it to prevent overflow of screen without toolbar. Also creates the "global Tourism" keyphrase which means with all civilizations.
Freedom T1
  • Consumerism: Tooltip updated to "global Tourism" (similar to Futurism).
  • Liberalism: Science gain reduced to 250 per Great Person born (down from 300).
  • Civil Society: No longer gives +1 Gold from Specialists.
  • Free Trade: Gold per CS trading partner reduced to 8% (down from 10%).
Freedom T2
  • Universal Suffrage: GP bonus reduced to +25% (down from +33%).
  • New Deal: Moved to T2, all bonuses reduced to +1 (down from +2).
Freedom T3
  • Media Culture: Tourism bonus per building reduced to 15% (down from 25%).
  • Capitalism: Moved to T3. Effect unchanged: Specialists each provide +1 Production and produce half the normal Unhappiness.
Freedom Ideology Wonder
  • Statue of Liberty: Happiness reduced to +5 (down from +10).
Order T1
  • Commissariats: Removed from the game.
  • Red Army: Moved from T3 to T1. Effect unchanged: +15% Combat Strength vs Civilizations with fewer Cities.
  • Collectivization: (Remake) +1 Food from Farms and Terrace Farms. +1 Happiness from Granaries and Hospitals.
Order T2
  • Patriotic War: Added back to the game and remade as T2. Now has the following effect: Training military Land Units in your Cities produces 2 units instead of 1.
  • Party Leadership: Moved from T3 to T2. Effect unchanged: +3 Happiness in each City.
Order T3
  • Spaceflight Pioneers: Reverted to vanilla effect: May finish Spaceship parts with Great Engineers. A Great Engineer and a Great Scientist appear outside the Capital.
  • Satellite States: Moved from T2 to T3 and remade. Now has the following effect: +5% Food, Production, and Science in all Cities for each Courthouse in the Empire.
  • Ministry of Railways: Moved from T2 to T3. Now provides +25% Production (up from +10%) and +3 Happiness (up from +1) from Railroad connections.


  • Ancestor Worship: No longer provides +1 Faith from Monuments. Now also provides +1 Culture from Temples (in addition to the +1 Culture from Shrines).


  • City State Coups: Fixed a bug whereby when a coup was successful in a City State, ALL other players' Influence would be reduced to 0. Now 3rd party influence will only be reduced by 20.


  • Spaceship Parts: Reverted the change that allows all civs to use Great Engineers on Spaceship Parts. This is now an Order-only ability once more.


  • Mobile Tactics: Added back to the game, just like it was in vanilla (same prereqs, leads to same techs, etc).


  • Mechanized Infantry: Moved back to Mobile Tactics.


  • Worker Speed: Changed so that having +25% Worker Improvement Speed (either Citizenship or Pyramids) now reduces build time of improvements that take 4 turns to 3 turns, and having +50% (both of them) now reduces chop time from 2 turns to 1 turn. Previously it was opposite.