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v4 Changelist is as follows:

Hey guys here's the list of changes from Version 3.1 to Version 4:

  • Armored Units - Landships, Tanks, Panzers (Germany), Modern Armor, and Giant Death Robots now have +100% vs Land units.
  • Angkor Wat - now gives you a free University and provides +3 Culture (up from +1 Culture).
  • Stone Works - can now be built in Cities founded on Plains as well.
  • Tradition - Legalism now requires Aristocracy instead of Oligarchy
  • Honor - revamped again. New NEW Honor has even more buffs! (link HERE).
  • Piety - opener reverted to +2 Faith
  • Aesthetics - significant buffs to culture buildings and tourism output (link HERE).
  • Rationalism - nerfed via rearrangement of policies/bonuses in tree (link HERE)).
  • Theming Bonuses - waived civ requirement for all Wonder Theming Bonuses that required civs other than the owner or different civs (they can now be fulfilled by the owning civ alone).
  • Barb Camp Ruins - removed from the game.
  • Map Ruins - now reveal ALL terrain and barbarian camps within 5 tiles of the ruin.


Pantheons are being changed up a bit in v4. The goal is to allow Piety civs more Culture/sim city options and to allow non-Piety civs more chances at good Faith generating Pantheons. I also wanted to change or buff choices that would never be selected (Fertility Rites, etc) so that at a minimum they were at least rare considerations. Here's the changes so far:

  • ANCESTOR WORSHIP: +2 Culture from Shrines (up from +1)
  • DANCE OF THE AURORA: Now works on all Tundra, even with Forests.
  • FERTILITY RITES: +20% Excess Food Growth (up from +10%) and +1 Happiness in cities with Population 10+
  • GOD OF CRAFTSMEN: Removed population requirement
  • GOD OF WAR: Faith from battles gained within 6 tiles of city (up from 4 tiles) and now provides +1 Production from Barracks
  • GOD-KING: Now also provides +1 Food and +1 Happiness
  • GODDESS OF LOVE: Happiness at 4+ Population (down from 6+)
  • GODDESS OF PROTECTION: Now also provides +2 Faith from Walls
  • MONUMENT TO THE GODS: +20% Production (up from +15%)
  • RELIGIOUS SETTLEMENTS: +25% Border Growth (up from +15%) and now also provides +1 Food per city
  • SACRED WATERS: Now also provides +1 Production from Water Mills
  • DAUGHTER OF AUTUMN: +1 Production from Plantations
  • GIFTS OF WISDOM: +1 Culture and +1 Faith for each Sugar and Cocoa
  • GODDESS OF WEAVING: +1 Culture and +1 Faith for each Silk and Cotton
  • NATURE'S BLESSING: +1 Faith from Forests
  • RITE OF SPRING: +1 Food from Plantations
  • RITUALISTIC TATTOOS: +2 Culture for each Dyes
  • SPIRIT ANIMALS: +1 Faith for each Horses, Deer, Ivory, Fur, and Bison
  • WAYSHRINES: +1 Faith and +1 Gold from City Connections