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v7 Changelist is as follows:


  • Netherlands: Now receives a Wetlands start bias (only with NQMap 7.0 and up).


  • Mounted Ranged: Chariot Archers, War Elephants, Horse Archers, Keshiks, and Camel Archers are now considered Mounted Ranged units. This is a new unit type that is treated identically to Mounted units for all purposes except that they have access to the Ranged promotion line.
  • Hunnic Battering Ram: Now replaces Catapult (not Spearman). Still available at Bronze Working.
  • Landsknechts: Now have 3 movement (up from 2).
  • Foreign Legions: Now get the Ambush Formation I promotion for free and can move immediately after being purchased (like Landsknechts).
  • Armored Units: Bonus vs Land Units reduced to 50% (down from 100%).
  • Landships: Reverted Combat Strength back to 60 (up from 55).
  • Nuclear Missiles: Can no longer be purchased with Gold.


  • Republic: [Bug Fix] Finisher now affects production for Constabularies instead of Police Stations.
Honor (link HERE)
  • Tree: Rearranged slightly.
  • Professional Army: No longer provides +1 Happiness from XP buildings, but instead provides +1 Gold from XP buildings.
  • Military Caste: No longer provides +1 Production from garrisoned units, but instead provides +2 Happiness from Courthouses.
Commerce (link HERE)
  • Tree: Rearranged.
  • Opener: Reverted back to +50% Great Merchant points (up from +25%).
  • Silk Road: Now gives +3 Gold to Internal Trade Routes as well (instead of just Foreign Trade Routes), and also provides +1 Culture from Harbors and Caravansaries.
  • Mercenary Army: Reduced Road/Railroad maintenance moved to Entrepreneurship. Now allows purchase of Foreign Legions at Replaceable Parts.
  • Entrepreneurship: Old bonuses moved to other policies. Now gives 50% discount on Road/Railroad maintenance, 25% discount on Building maintenance, and +2 Trade Routes.
  • Mercantilism: Reverted back to base game Mercantilism, which is -25% purchasing discount and Science from gold buildings. Science from gold buildings increased to +2 (up from +1).
  • Protectionism: Customs House bonuses (+1 Food / +4 Gold) moved to this policy. East India Trade Company bonuses (+4 Production / +4 Culture / +4 Happiness) moved to this policy as well.
  • Finisher: Bonus Trade Routes moved to Entrepreneurship. Now has +1 Gold from Trading Posts and gives you 2 Great Merchants.
  • Opener: [Bug Fix] Conquistadors no longer obsolete at Military Science.
  • Opener: [Bug Fix] Conquistadors are no longer eligible to be upgraded by Ancient Ruins.
  • Opener: Conquistador production cost significantly reduced.
  • Colonialism: [Bug Fix] Colonialism + Resettlement (Order) now correctly make 7 pop cities (instead of 10).


  • Lightning Warfare: [Bug Fix] Khans now correctly receive the movement bonus from Lightning Warfare.


  • Faith Purchasing: Costs to purchase units and buildings with Faith no longer increase as you advance in eras.
Founder Beliefs
  • Peace Loving: Changed name to "Baptisms" and now no longer has an "at peace" requirement.
Reformation Beliefs
  • Underground Sect: Spy pressure amount doubled, and now also provides +1 Science per 3 followers in foreign cities.
  • Unity of the Prophets: Now also provides +6 Faith from Holy Sites.


  • Barringer Crater: Now also provides +2 Production (total yield +2 Production, +2 Gold, +3 Science).
  • El Dorado: Now appears as often as Cerro de Potosi.
  • Fountain of Youth: Happiness reduced to +6 (down from +10), and now appears as often as Cerro de Potosi.
  • Grand Mesa: Now also provides +2 Food (total yield +2 Food, +2 Production, +3 Gold).
  • Krakatoa: Now also provides +1 Food (total yield +1 Food, +5 Science). Unworkable spawn locations fixed.
  • Old Faithful: Now provides +2 additional Science (total yield +4 Science, +3 Happiness)