Exploration Edit

[Medieval Era]

Opener Edit

+1 Movement font icon Movement for all Naval units. +1 Sight for Naval combat units.

Unlocks Conquistadors.

Unlocks the Louvre World Wonder.

Maritime Infrastructure Edit

[Tier 1]
+3 Production font icon Production in coastal Cities. +50% Production font icon Production for Lighthouses, Harbors, and Seaports.

Colonialism Edit

[Tier 1]
Newly settled Cities start with a free Worker, 6 extra tiles, 2 extra Citizen font icon Population, and +2 Happiness font icon Happiness.

Naval Tradition Edit

[Tier 2, Prereq: Maritime Infrastructure]
+1 Happiness font icon Happiness and +1 Culture font icon Culture from Lighthouses, Harbors, and Seaports.

Navigation School Edit

[Tier 2, Prereq: Maritime Infrastructure]
+2 Science font icon Science in coastal Cities. +10% Strength font icon Combat Strength for Naval units.

Treasure Fleets Edit

[Tier 3, Prereq: Colonialism, Navigation School]
+1 Food font icon Food, +1 Production font icon Production, and +1 Gold font icon Gold from Coast and Ocean tiles without resources.

Finisher Edit

[Prereq: All lower policies]
+1 Happiness font icon Happiness from each unique Luxury in the Empire. Free Great People#Great Admiral font icon Great Admiral +100% Great People font icon Great Admiral points.

Unlocks Faith font icon purchasing Great People#Great Admiral font icon Great Admirals.