Wonder Edit

Unlocks the Statue of Liberty World Wonder.

Tier 1 Edit

Economic Union Edit

Quest Gifts font icon Gold Gifts and Trade Route 2 font icon Trade Missions with City States provide 30% more Influence font icon Influence.

Liberalism Edit

Gain 200 Science font icon Science (on Quick Speed) whenever a Great Person is born.

Consumerism Edit

Trade Missions (Great Merchants) provide 50% of Gold font icon Gold gained as global Tourism font icon Tourism.

Universal Healthcare Edit

+1 Happiness font icon Happiness from each National Wonder and Guild.

Covert Action Edit

+2 Spy font icon Spies and doubles both chance of rigging election in City-States and Influence font icon Influence change from doing so.

Volunteer Army Edit

Military Land Units in friendly territory gain +25 additional HP when healing.

Free Trade Edit

+8% Gold font icon Gold in all Cities for each City State trading partner in the Empire.

Civil Society Edit

Citizen font icon Specialists consume half the normal amount of Food font icon Food.

Tier 2 Edit

[Prereq: 2x Tier 1]

Voice of Democracy Edit

Gain 8 Influence font icon Influence with every known City State whenever a Great Person is born.

Free Market Edit

12% of the Empire's Gold font icon Gold income each turn is converted to bonus Science font icon Science.

Avante Garde Edit

+2 Culture font icon Culture and +2 Tourism font icon Tourism from each Great Works font icon Great Work and World Wonder.

Universal Suffrage Edit

+20% Great People font icon Great People points in all Cities.

New Deal Edit

Great Person tile improvements each provide +1 Production font icon Production, +1 Culture font icon Culture, +1 Gold font icon Gold, +1 Science font icon Science, and +1 Happiness font icon Happiness.

Tier 3 Edit

[Prereq: 2x Tier 2]

Capitalism Edit

Citizen font icon Specialists provide +1 Production font icon Production and produce half the normal amount of Unhappiness font icon Unhappiness.

Treaty Organization Edit

City State Friends will no longer declare war on you in support of their Ally.

Space Procurements Edit

Allows the purchase of Science Victory font icon Spaceship Parts with Gold font icon Gold.

Media Culture Edit

Amphitheaters, Opera Houses, Museums, and Broadcast Towers each increase City Tourism font icon Tourism output by 15%.