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The guide to Fruitstrike's NQMod for Sid Meier's Civilization V!

NQMod aims to balance the game and provide new play options. It is primarily focused on the multiplayer experience, but may be used in single player as well.

The developers provide two packages for installation; Single-player only, and Single-player and Multi-player. The latter is installed as if it were a DLC package, and is transparent to the game itself. Using the mod in this fashion allows the player to keep the functionality of triggering Steam Achievements.

NQMod games are typically played with HellBlazer's Maps, map scripts that make many improvements over the base game's maps. These maps were developed alongside the mod and they greatly enhance one another.

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This wiki is currently under construction! Changelogs for NQMod version releases are available, the remaining content is a work in progress. Information may be missing or incomplete.

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Civilizations | Social Policies | Ideologies | Religion
Wonders | Buildings | Military Units | Civilian Units | Great People
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How to Contribute

Please contact an Admin here or Oberon on reddit with any questions or recommendations.

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Current NQMod Version: 12.4
Current Map Version: 22

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