This list of Fruity Wiki templates was last updated 28 December 2017

Fruity Wiki TemplatesEdit

These templates have been created specificly for use with this wiki.
Template Description Shortcut
{{Fonticon}} Place a Fonticon {{fi}}
{{Fruitbox}} Wiki-specific Navbox
{{NQChanges}} List mod changes in collapsible section
{{ModVersion}} Display article's mod version info, shortcut to other versions
  Mainpage Tools
{{Mainpage Activity Feed}} Shows recent wiki activity
{{Mainpage Discussions Feed}} Shows recent discussions activity
{{Mainpage News}} Shows recent discussions from the 'News / Announcements' category
{{Mainpage Blogs}} Shows recent blog posts
{{Basic Civilization Info}} Infobox for Civ information
{{Infobox_UnitInfo}} Infobox for Unit information
{{Infobox_BuildingInfo}} Infobox for Building information
{{Infobox_WonderInfo}} Infobox for Wonder information
{{ListInfo}} Create informational lists
Alternatives: {{ListInfo/Civ}} {{ListInfo/Religion}} {{ListInfo/TechTree}} {{ListInfo/TechTree/Era}}
{{UnitListInfo}} Create informational list of units
Alternatives: {{UnitListInfo/start}} {{UnitListInfo/end}}

General Wiki TemplatesEdit

These templates come with a newly created wiki, or have been added from the Templates Wiki.
Template Description Shortcut
{{Infobox}} Create an Infobox
Alternatives: {{Infobox album}} {{Infobox book}} {{Infobox character}} {{Infobox event}} {{Infobox episode}} {{Infobox item}} {{Infobox location}} {{Infobox quest}}
{{Navbox}} Create a Navbox
{{TocRight}} Float the article's Table of Contents to the right
{{Documentation}} Show template documentation.

Article Management TemplatesEdit

These templates are used by wiki editors to assist in page creation and deletion, or to put notices on pages regarding their content or state of construction.
Template Description Shortcut
{{Translation Assistant}} List links for creation on new wiki translation projects
{{ill}} Creates Interlanguage Links for a page or inline in an article.
  Mark for Action
{{Delete}} Mark page for deletion
{{Stub}} Mark page as a stub article
{{UnderConstruction}} Mark page as under construction {{uc}}
{{InUse}} Mark page while undergoing a large edit
{{Sandbox}} Mark page as a testing sandbox
{{Testcases}} Mark as template sandbox's testcases page
{{WikiTest}} Mark page as a WikiTest display page


Use Lua rather than wikitext. May be called directly to a page or used in other templates. Includes database Modules.
Module Description Shortcut
Sandbox Module for editor testing and experimentation
  Wiki Databases
Data Processes Mod databases into information for templates and pages
Create Used by Module:Data for text formatting
Mod Data:
**Incomplete database
Civ5NQMod | Buildings** | Civilizations | Ideologies | Policies** | Religion | Units**
  Interlanguage Links
Interlanguage Links Processes link databases into Interlanguage Links and translation tools
Link Data: Wiki | Buildings | Civilizations | Units | Wonders

Licensing TemplatesEdit

These templates are used to tag uploaded files with licensing notices. This will tell other users who look at the image what license the image falls under, thereby letting them know the copyright status of the image.
See Category:Licensing Templates