This page lists mod content that reuses icons from other parts of the game (ex. a unit with a tech icon).

If you wish to create a custom icon for an item on this list, upload your art under Category:Community Icons. Icons from other mods may be submitted, but only with that mod author's approval for use in this wiki and potentially in the mod.

This list is maintained by the community and does not guarantee the mod creators' interest in replacing an icon.

Civilization UniquesEdit

Icon Mod Original
Icon Steel Dojo Steel
Icon Theatre Plaza de Toros Theatre
Icon Chemistry Great Humanitarian Chemistry
Icon Mining Falu Gruva Mining


Icon Mod Original
Icon Trapping Hunting Lodge Trapping
Icon Theology Scriptorium Theology
Icon Acoustics Basilica Acoustics
Icon Monastery Chantry Monastery
Icon Krepost Gurdwara Krepost
Icon Krepost Synagogue Krepost
Icon Hermitage Governor's Mansion Hermitage
Icon Guilds Grand Bazaar Guilds
Icon Sailing Warehouse Sailing
Icon Economics Consulate Economics
Icon Economics Consulate - Wings 1-4 Economics


Icon Mod Original
Icon Prora Volkshalle Prora
Icon Industrialization Center of Progress Industrialization