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NQ Mod Changes Edit

  • Great People Meters - Great Scientists, Great Engineers, and Great Merchants are all now on their own separate Great People meters (instead of belonging to the same meter).
  • Great Scientist - Bulb amount is now set as previous 8 turns of Science from turn of birth (instead of current turn). This means the amount of Science you would get from the bulb is fixed when the Scientist spawns and never increases.
  • Great Engineer - Amount of hammers from Hurry Production reduced significantly. Equation changed from (200 + (20 * city pop)) to (50 + (24 * city pop)). This amount is doubled when used to Hurry spaceship parts (via the Spaceflight Pioneers tenet in Order ideology).
  • Great General Points - Barbarians and City States no longer give you Great General points. They still give you XP (and it is still capped at 30).
  • [Bug Fix] Great Musicians: Tourism blast is no longer affect twice by game speed modifiers. This means on Quick Speed they are no longer double penalized, and are now slightly stronger.
  • "Free" Great People - All instances of "free" Great People (including Great Prophets) are now actually free regardless of whether they are from policies, wonders, or traits. They will not increase the counter. NOTE: Maya Great People are NOT labeled as "free" so they still count.
  • Spaceship Parts: All Civilizations may now use Great Engineers to rush Spaceship Parts regardless of Ideology policies.
  • Great Engineers, Great Merchants (and Great Humanitarians), Great Scientists, and Great Prophets all now have base move speed of 4 (up from 2).
  • Civilizations may no longer gift Great People to each other.

How to earn Great People Edit

List of Great People Edit

Icon Unit Notes
Icon Great Scientist
Icon Great Engineer
Icon Great Merchant
Icon Great Writer
Icon Great Artist
Icon Great Musician
Icon Great Prophet
Icon Great General
Icon Great Admiral

Unique Great People Edit

Icon Unit Unique to Notes
Icon Chemistry Icon Sweden
Icon Merchant of Venice Icon Venice Removed in the mod.