Ideologies in Civilization 5 are late-game, expanded Culture font icon Social Policy trees with additional rules and effects.

Triggering Ideology

There are 2 ways to trigger the adoption of an Ideology:

  • Enter the Science font icon Modern Era
  • Build the Center for Progress National Wonder. This requires a Factory in every city.
Adopter Bonus

The first and second adopters of an Ideology 1 free Culture font icon tenet. Later adopters do not get bonus tenets.

Switching Ideology'

When switching Ideologies you lose 1 Culture font icon tenet. The remaining tenets are reassigned to the new Ideology.


NQ Mod Changes | CumulativeEdit

Note: The entire changelist is being placed here as a placeholder until a versioning system is in place.


  • Triggering Ideology - Now requires a Factory in every city (instead of exactly 3) and you must build the Center For Progress national wonder (new - does nothing except enable an Ideology).
    • NOTE: You can still also get an Ideology by simply entering the Modern Era. Yes, this means OCC only needs 1 Factory. Yes, this means 9 cities needs 9 Factories.
  • [Bug Fix] Center of Progress: Cost no longer increases with number of cities.
  • First adopter of an Ideology only gets 1 free tenet (down from 2 free tenets). This means both the first and the second adopters of an ideology get exactly 1 free Tenet, and all other adopters get nothing.
  • [Bug Fix]: When you switch Ideologies, you only lose 1 Tenet (instead of 2).


  • Lightning Warfare: [Bug Fix] Khans now correctly receive the movement bonus from Lightning Warfare.
  • Mobilization: Gold purchasing discount reduced to -25% (from -33%).
  • [T1] Elite Forces: Now grants a flat +10% combat strength to all units (regardless of being wounded) and all units get +10 HP when healing.
  • [T3] Cult of Personality: Now provides up to +100% Tourism empire wide depending on your military strength (Soldiers stat in the demographics screen) relative to other players. Details: In a 6 player game, you'll get +0%/+20%/+40%/+60%/+80%/+100% based on if you are 6th/5th/4th/3rd/2nd/1st in demo military strength.
  • [T1] Fortified Borders: Removed.
  • [T1] Fascism (new): +12 Happiness in the Empire.
  • Elite Forces: All Military Units have +10% increased Combat Strength and gain an extra 10 HP when healing.
  • Gunboat Diplomacy: Gain 50 Influence when you tribute Gold from a City State (instead of losing Influence).
  • Futurism: Gain 250 Tourism (on Quick Speed) with all known Civilizations whenever a Great Writer, Great Artist, or Great Musician is born.
  • Universal Healthcare: +1 Happiness from each National Wonder and Guild.
  • Industrial Espionage: +2 Spies and Spies steal technology twice as fast.
  • Client States: Puppeted Cities do not increase Science costs and allow purchasing as if they were annexed.
  • Jingoism: +15% Attack Strength in foreign territory during Golden Ages, and they last 25% longer.
  • Third Alternative: Starts or extends a Golden Age for 8 turns (on Quick Speed).
  • Mobilization: Gold cost to purchase, upgrade, and maintain Military Units reduced by 25%.
  • United Front: +25% Combat Strength for Land and Naval Units near City States that are friendly, allied or can be liberated.
  • War Hero: Gain a free Great Artist with every Great General, and a free Great General appears.
  • Fascism: +15 Global Happiness in the Empire.
  • Total War: +25% Production when building Military Units and new Military Units start with +15 Experience.
  • Lightning Warfare: Land Military Units gain +1 Movement and ignore Zone of Control.
  • Partisans: +50% chance to succeed at City State coups. (Example: If coup chance is 24%, this tenet increases it to 74%)
  • Cult of Personality: Gain up to +100% Tourism depending on your military strength (Soldiers) relative to other Civilizations.
  • Police State: Barracks, Armories, Military Academies, and Courthouses each provide +2 Happiness.
AUTOCRACY (Ideology Wonder)
  • Volkshalle: 1 free Social Policy. +1 Culture, +6 Happiness. Golden Ages last 25% longer.
Autocracy T1
  • Gunboat Diplomacy: Tributing City States no longer terminates quests.
  • Futurism: Updated tooltip to shorten it to prevent overflow of screen without toolbar. Also creates the "global Tourism" keyphrase which means with all civilizations.


  • [T1] Creative Expression: Bonus increased to +2 Culture and +2 Tourism per Great Work (up from +1 Culture per Great Work).
  • [T1] Economic Union: Now gives +5% Gold in all cities for each Trade Route with a City State in the empire (like a Hanse in every city but for Gold output). Note that this modifier does not apply to Trade Route income as that is received AFTER base gold + modifiers.
  • [T1] Covert Action: Now also provides +1 Spy and doubles influence changes from successful election rigging (approximately +40 for you, -10 for others, will vary based on factors).
  • [T2] Urbanization: Now also provides +1 Happiness from Granaries.
FREEDOM (Tier 1)
  • Economic Union: Gold Gifts and Trade Missions with City States provide 30% more Influence.
  • Liberalism: Gain 300 Science (on Quick Speed) whenever a Great Person is born.
  • Consumerism: Trade Missions (Great Merchants) provide 50% of Gold gained as Tourism with all known Civilizations.
  • Universal Healthcare: +1 Happiness from each National Wonder and Guild.
  • Covert Action: +2 Spies and doubles both chance of rigging election in City-States and Influence change from doing so.
  • Volunteer Army: Military Land Units in friendly territory gain +15 additional HP when healing and +15% Combat Strength.
  • Free Trade: +10% Gold in all Cities for each City State trading partner in the Empire.
  • Civil Society: Specialists provide +1 Gold and consume half the normal amount of Food.
FREEDOM (Tier 2)
  • Voice of Democracy: Gain 12 Influence with every known City State whenever a Great Person is born.
  • Free Market: 12% of the Empire's Gold income each turn is converted to bonus Science.
  • Avante Garde: +2 Culture and +2 Tourism from each Great Work and World Wonder.
  • Capitalism: Specialists provide +1 Production and produce half the normal amount of Unhappiness.
  • Universal Suffrage: +33% Great People points in all Cities.
FREEDOM (Tier 3)
  • Treaty Organization: City State Friends will no longer declare war on you in support of their Ally.
  • Space Procurements: Allows the purchase of Spaceship Parts with Gold.
  • Media Culture: Amphitheaters, Opera Houses, Museums, and Broadcast Towers each increase City Tourism output by 25%.
  • New Deal: Great Person tile improvements each provide +2 Production, +2 Culture, +2 Gold, +2 Science, and +2 Happiness.
FREEDOM (Ideology Wonder)
  • Statue of Liberty: 1 free Social Policy. +1 Culture, +5 Population and +10 Happiness.
Freedom T1
  • Consumerism: Tooltip updated to "global Tourism" (similar to Futurism).
  • Liberalism: Science gain reduced to 250 per Great Person born (down from 300).
  • Civil Society: No longer gives +1 Gold from Specialists.
  • Free Trade: Gold per CS trading partner reduced to 8% (down from 10%).
Freedom T2
  • Universal Suffrage: GP bonus reduced to +25% (down from +33%).
  • New Deal: Moved to T2, all bonuses reduced to +1 (down from +2).
Freedom T3
  • Media Culture: Tourism bonus per building reduced to 15% (down from 25%).
  • Capitalism: Moved to T3. Effect unchanged: Specialists each provide +1 Production and produce half the normal Unhappiness.
Freedom Ideology Wonder
  • Statue of Liberty: Happiness reduced to +5 (down from +10).


  • [T2] Party Leadership: Food/Culture/Production/Gold/Science yield per city increased to +3 (up from +1).
  • [T2] Cultural Revolution: Now gives +50% Tourism bonus vs civs with less happiness (instead of +34% bonus vs other Order civs) and also starts a Golden Age.
  • [T3] Dictatorship of the Proletariat: Removed from the game.
  • [T3] Communism: (new T3 tenet) Science and Culture costs for number of cities reduced by half.
  • [T3] Iron Curtain: No longer provides a free Courthouse on conquest. Internal caravan routes now receive triple food/production yields (15-19.5 depending on era), and internal cargo ships now receive double yields (20-26 depending on era).
  • [T2] Party Leadership - +2 Food/Production/Science/Gold per City (Culture bonus removed, other bonuses dropped from +3 to +2).
  • [T3] Communism - No longer reduces culture costs from number of cities (only Science costs).
    • [Bug Fix] Science reduction from Communism actually works instead of just being cosmetic in the UI.
ORDER (Tier 1)
  • Academy of Sciences: Each City increases Science costs of Technologies by 3.75% (instead of 5%).
  • Commissariats: Free Constabulary when you conquer a City, and +1 Production from Constabularies.
  • Utopianism: +6 Tourism in each City.
  • Universal Healthcare: +1 Happiness from each National Wonder and Guild.
  • Double Agents: +2 Spies and Spies are twice as likely to kill enemy Spies when stationed in your Cities.
  • Collectivization: +3 Food and +1 Happiness in each City.
  • Iron Curtain: +5 Production from Internal Trade Routes.
  • Five Year Plan: +25% Production towards Buildings in all Cities and +1 Production from each Mine, Quarry, and Manufactory.
ORDER (Tier 2)
  • Workers' Faculties: +3 Science from Workshops, Windmills, Factories, Hydro Plants, Solar Plants, Nuclear Plants, and Spaceship Factories.
  • Satellite States: Conquered Cities have no resistance time and gain a free Police Station.
  • Socialist Realism: +50% Tourism to Civilizations with less Happiness.
  • Communism: Reduces Unhappiness from Ideology pressure by 75%.
  • Ministry of Railways: +10% increased Production boost from Railroads and +1 Happiness for each City connected to the Capital by Railroads.
ORDER (Tier 3)
  • Spaceflight Pioneers: Free Research Lab (at Plastics) and Spaceship Factory (at Robotics) in every non-Occupied City.
  • Red Army: +15% Combat Strength when fighting Units belonging to a Civilization with fewer Cities.
  • Cultural Revolution: The Empire gains bonus % for Great Musician points equal to its Production output.
  • Party Leadership: +3 Happiness per City.
ORDER (Ideology Wonder)
  • Kremlin: 1 free Social Policy. +1 Culture, +1 Happiness from Workshops, Factories, Hydro Plants, Solar Plants, and Nuclear Plants.
Order T1
  • Commissariats: Removed from the game.
  • Red Army: Moved from T3 to T1. Effect unchanged: +15% Combat Strength vs Civilizations with fewer Cities.
  • Collectivization: (Remake) +1 Food from Farms and Terrace Farms. +1 Happiness from Granaries and Hospitals.
Order T2
  • Patriotic War: Added back to the game and remade as T2. Now has the following effect: Training military Land Units in your Cities produces 2 units instead of 1.
  • Party Leadership: Moved from T3 to T2. Effect unchanged: +3 Happiness in each City.
Order T3
  • Spaceflight Pioneers: Reverted to vanilla effect: May finish Spaceship parts with Great Engineers. A Great Engineer and a Great Scientist appear outside the Capital.
  • Satellite States: Moved from T2 to T3 and remade. Now has the following effect: +5% Food, Production, and Science in all Cities for each Courthouse in the Empire.
  • Ministry of Railways: Moved from T2 to T3. Now provides +25% Production (up from +10%) and +3 Happiness (up from +1) from Railroad connections.