Liberty Edit

[Ancient Era]

Opener Edit

+1 Culture font icon Culture in each City.

Unlocks Pyramids.

Republic Edit

[Tier 1]
+1 Production font icon Production in each City.

Citizenship Edit

[Tier 1]
Gain a free Worker. +25% Worker font icon Improvement construction speed.

Collective Rule Edit

[Tier 2, Prereq: Republic]
Gain a free Settler. +50% Production font icon Production towards Settlers in the Capital font icon Capital.

Representation Edit

[Tier 2, Prereq: Citizenship]
Cities increase the cost of Culture font icon Social Policies 25% less than normal. Gain a free Golden Age font icon Golden Age. +1 Gold font icon Gold from Monuments.

Meritocracy Edit

[Tier 2, Prereq: Citizenship]
+1Happiness font icon Happiness and +10% Gold font icon Gold income from City Connection font icon City Connections. -5% Unhappiness font icon Unhappiness from Citizen font icon Citizens from non-occupied Cities.

Finisher Edit

[Prereq: All lower policies]
Gain a free Great Person of your choice. +25% Production font icon Production towards National Wonders, and +15% Production font icon Production towards Buildings they require.