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Military Units in NQMod can be classified into the following classes:

Land Unit ClassesEdit

Gunpowder NQ
Road-Builders: Rifleman, Great War Infantry, Infantry, Marine, and Mechanized Infantry (and any of their unique variants) now all have the ability to build Roads (similar to Roman Legion). They still cannot make Railroads.
Paradropping NQ
Paratroopers & XCom Squads are now "Paradropping Units" instead of "Gunpowder Units." These are identical for all purposes except that Paradropping Units are no longer eligible to receive the Blitz promotion.
Mounted Ranged NQ
Chariot Archers, Hunnic Horse Archers, Indian War Elephants, Egyptian War Chariots, Mongolian Keshiks, and Arabian Camel Archers are all now considered Mounted Ranged Units (from Ranged Units). This new unit class is treated exactly the same as Mounted Units for all purposes except that they receive the promotion lines of Ranged Units.
Armored NQ
Landships, Tanks (and German Panzers), Modern Armor, and Giant Death Robots now have +40% combat strength vs Land units.
Siege NQ
Early Siege Units (Catapult, Roman Ballista, Trebuchet, and Cannon) now have the Indirect Fire promotion for free (but not Korean Hwach'a, Assyrian Siege Tower, or Hunnic Battering Ram).

Sea Unit ClassesEdit

Naval Melee NQ
All Naval Melee units can now move after attacking (like Mounted Units).
Naval Ranged
Naval Carrier

Air Unit ClassesEdit


List of Military UnitsEdit

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Strategic ResourcesEdit

Unit Supply LimitEdit

Unit Supply Limit was removed in NQMod v6.1. There is now no Production font icon Production penalty regardless of number of units.

Unit MaintenanceEdit