Ancient EraEdit

Icon Unit Type Unique to Resource Notes
Icon Brute Melee Icon Barbarians
Icon Warrior Melee
Icon Jaguar Melee Icon Aztecs
Icon Maori Warrior Melee Icon Polynesia
Icon Scout Melee
Icon Pathfinder Melee Icon Shoshone
Icon Spearman Melee
Icon Pictish Warrior Melee Icon Celts
Icon Hoplite Melee Icon Greece
Icon Immortal Melee Icon Persia
Icon Pioneer Melee Icon America Created for the mod.
Icon Hand-Axe Ranged Icon Barbarians
Icon Archer Ranged
Icon Bowman Ranged Icon Babylon
Icon Slinger Ranged Icon Inca
Icon Atlatlist Ranged Icon Maya
Icon Chariot Archer Mounted Ranged Fonticon Horses
Icon War Chariot Mounted Ranged Icon Egypt
Icon Horse Archer Mounted Ranged Icon Huns
Icon War Elephant Mounted Ranged Icon India
Icon Battering Ram Siege Icon Huns Now replaces Catapult (not Spearman). Still available at Bronze Working.
Icon Galley Naval Melee Icon Barbarians
Icon Trireme Naval Melee
Icon Quinquereme Naval Melee Icon Carthage
Icon Longship Naval Melee Icon Denmark Created for the mod.
Icon Dromon Naval Ranged Icon Byzantium

Classical EraEdit

Icon Unit Type Unique to Resource Notes
Icon Swordsman Melee Fonticon Iron
Icon Kris Swordsman Melee Icon Indonesia Fonticon Iron
Icon Mohawk Warrior Melee Icon Iroquois
Icon Legion Melee Icon Rome Fonticon Iron
Icon Composite Bowman Ranged
Icon Skirmisher Ranged Icon Mali Created for the mod.
Icon Horseman Mounted Fonticon Horses
Icon Cataphract Mounted Icon Byzantium Fonticon Horses
Icon African Forest Elephant Mounted Icon Carthage
Icon Companion Cavalry Mounted Icon Greece Fonticon Horses
Icon Catapult Siege
Icon Siege Tower Siege Icon Assyria
Icon Ballista Siege Icon Rome

Medieval EraEdit

Icon Unit Type Unique to Resource Notes
Icon Longswordsman Melee Fonticon Iron
Icon Berserker Melee Icon Denmark Fonticon Iron
Icon Samurai Melee Icon Japan Fonticon Iron
Icon Pikeman Melee
Icon Impi Melee Icon Zulus
Icon Landsknecht Melee 64px
Icon Crossbowman Ranged
Icon Chu-ko-nu Ranged Icon China
Icon Longbowman Ranged Icon England
Icon Knight Mounted Fonticon Horses
Icon Naresuan's Elephant Mounted Icon Siam
Icon Mandekalu Cavalry Mounted Icon Songhai Fonticon Horses
Icon Conquistador Mounted 64px
Icon Camel Archer Mounted Ranged Icon Arabia Fonticon Horses
Icon Keshik Mounted Ranged Icon Mongolia Fonticon Horses
Icon Trebuchet Siege
Icon Hwach'a Siege Icon Korea
Icon Galleass Naval Ranged
Icon Great Galleass Naval Ranged Icon Venice Removed in the mod.

Renaissance EraEdit

Icon Unit Type Unique to Resource Notes
Icon Musketman Gunpowder
Icon Minuteman Gunpowder Icon America
Icon Musketeer Gunpowder Icon France
Icon Janissary Gunpowder Icon Ottomans
Icon Tercio Gunpowder Icon Spain
Icon Lancer Mounted Fonticon Horses
Icon Sipahi Mounted Icon Ottomans Fonticon Horses
Icon Winged Hussar Mounted Icon Poland Fonticon Horses
Icon Hakkapeliitta Mounted Icon Sweden Fonticon Horses Removed in the mod.
Icon Cannon Siege
Icon Caravel Naval Melee
Icon Turtle Ship Naval Melee Icon Korea
Icon Nau Naval Melee Icon Portugal
Icon Privateer Naval Melee
Icon Sea Beggar Naval Melee Icon Netherlands
Icon Frigate Naval Ranged Fonticon Iron
Icon Ship of the Line Naval Ranged Icon England Fonticon Iron

Industrial EraEdit

Icon Unit Type Unique to Resource Notes
Icon Rifleman Gunpowder
Icon Mehal Sefari Gunpowder Icon Ethiopia
Icon Norwegian Ski Infantry Gunpowder Icon Denmark Removed in the mod.
Icon Carolean Gunpowder Icon Sweden Removed in the mod.
Icon Gatling Gun Ranged
Icon Cavalry Mounted Fonticon Horses
Icon Hussar Mounted Icon Austria Fonticon Horses
Icon Berber Cavalry Mounted Icon Morocco Fonticon Horses
Icon Cossack Mounted Icon Russia Fonticon Horses
Icon Comanche Riders Mounted Icon Shoshone Fonticon Horses
Icon Artillery Siege
Icon Ironclad Naval Melee Fonticon Coal

Modern EraEdit

Icon Unit Type Unique to Resource Notes
Icon Anti-Aircraft Gun Gunpowder
Icon Great War Infantry Gunpowder
Icon Foreign Legion Gunpowder 64px
Icon Infantry Gunpowder
Icon Pracinha Gunpowder Icon Brazil
Icon Machine Gun Ranged
Icon Landship Armored Fonticon Oil
Icon Destroyer Naval Melee
Icon Battleship Naval Ranged Fonticon Oil
Icon Carrier Naval Ranged
Icon Submarine Naval Ranged
Icon Great War Bomber Air Fonticon Oil
Icon Triplane Air Fonticon Oil

Atomic EraEdit

Icon Unit Type Unique to Resource Notes
Icon Anti-Tank Gun Gunpowder
Icon Marine Gunpowder
Icon Mobile SAM Gunpowder
Icon Paratrooper Paradropping
Icon Bazooka Ranged
Icon Tank Armored Fonticon Oil
Icon Panzer Armored Icon Germany Fonticon Oil
Icon Helicopter Gunship Helicopter Fonticon Aluminum
Icon Rocket Artillery Siege
Icon Bomber Air Fonticon Oil
Icon B17 Air Icon America Fonticon Oil Removed in the mod.
Icon Fighter Air Fonticon Oil
Icon Zero Air Icon Japan Removed in the mod.
Icon Atomic Bomb Bomb Fonticon Uranium Removed in the mod.

Information EraEdit

Icon Unit Type Unique to Resource Notes
Icon Mechanized Infantry Gunpowder
Icon XCOM Squad Paradropping
Icon Modern Armor Armored Fonticon Aluminum
Icon Giant Death Robot Armored Fonticon Uranium
Icon Missile Cruiser Naval Ranged
Icon Nuclear Submarine Naval Ranged
Icon Stealth Bomber Air Fonticon Aluminum
Icon Jet Fighter Air Fonticon Aluminum
Icon Guided Missile Bomb
Icon Nuclear Missile Bomb Fonticon Uranium