Patronage Edit

[Classical Era]

Opener Edit

-25% Influence font icon Influence decay with all City States.

Unlocks Forbidden Palace World Wonder.

Philanthropy Edit

[Tier 1]
Quest Gifts font icon Gold Gifts to City State font icon City States earn 25% more Influence font icon Influence. Base Influence resting point with all City States increased by 20.

Scholasticism Edit

[Tier 2, Prereq: Philanthropy] Edit

Gain Science font icon Science per turn from each City State font icon City State Friend or Ally.**

Cultural Diplomacy Edit

[Tier 2, Prereq: Philanthropy]
Allied City State font icon City States grant twice as many strategic resources as normal and +2 additional Happiness font icon Happiness from each Luxury.

Merchant Confederacy Edit

[Tier 2, Prereq: Philanthropy]
+2 Food font icon Food, +2 Production font icon Production, +2 Gold font icon Gold, and +1 Influence font icon Influence per turn from trade routes with City State font icon City States.

Consulates Edit

[Tier 3, Prereq: Cultural Diplomacy]
+1 vote in the World Congress, and an additional +1 vote per era after Science font icon Renaissance.

Finisher Edit

[Prereq: All lower policies]
City State font icon City States will occasionally gift you Great People. Military City State allies gift 2 units per gift.

+50% Food font icon Food, Faith font icon Faith and Culture font icon Culture gifts from other allied City States.

** City State Science Rewards: Edit

Era Friend Ally
Classical 1 1
Medieval 2 3
Renaissance 3 6
Industrial 4 10
Modern 5 15
Atomic 6 21
Info 7 28