Spreading ReligionEdit



Religious StrengthEdit

NQMod ChangesEdit

  • Religious Beliefs have been completely updated (see list below)
  • Added an option you can toggle in game setup screen that allow all players to found Religions (capped when required Beliefs for Founding run out - usually 8 religions).
    • Note: This may mean in rare cases some Religions founded particularly late cannot be Enhanced, especially if Byzantium is in the game.
  • [Bug Fix]: Fixed a bug where number of religions that can be founded decreases by 1 after killing a player that founded a religion (even though the total had already decreased by 1 for them founding it to begin with).
  • The AI will now appropriately value and potentially select the new religious beliefs Religious Settlements, Deus Vult, and Dharma.
Faith Purchasing
  • Costs to purchase with Faith no longer increase as you advance Eras.
  • Faith purchase costs are now rounded down to the nearest 5 (instead of nearest 10).
  • Universities, Public Schools, and Research Labs Faith cost increased by ~30%.
  • Inquisitors cost reduced by 40% and now has 4 movement.
  • All Pantheons are now founded at 15 Faith on Quick Speed. The cost to found a Pantheon no longer increases when other players found their own Pantheons (but if they do it faster, you'll still lose access to that Pantheon, the same as how Religious Beliefs become inaccessible for your Religion if someone else founds theirs first same turn).
Great Prophets
  • No longer RNG-based, 100% chance to spawn once Faith requirement met. Base cost increased - equation is now All Great Prophets now cost ~66 more Faith than normal (equation went from 200+100 per prophet to 300+100 per prophet), which means first Prophet spawns at 200 Faith (up from 134). Spawning a Great Prophet now reduces your Faith by the amount it cost instead of removing all of your Faith. Costs rounded to the lowest 10 (i.e 200 instead of 201).