Belief Effect
Dalai Lama +7 Culture font icon Culture in the Empire.
Deus Vult Gain 2 Inquisitors, 2 Mounted units, 2 Ranged units, and 2 Siege units.
Dharma Starts a Golden Age font icon Golden Age.
Just War +20% Strength font icon Combat Strength near enemy cities that follow this religion.
Papal Primacy +4 Faith font icon Faith per turn for each City State font icon City State following your Religion font icon Religion. Religion spreads to friendly City-States twice as fast.
Pilgrimage +1 Trade Route font icon Trade Route and foreign Trade Routes provide +2 Faith font icon Faith.
Promised Land Religion font icon Religion spreads twice as fast to your Cities but 75% slower to other Cities.
Reliquary Gain 50 Faith font icon Faith (on Quick Speed) whenever a Great Person is expended.
Unity of the Prophets +4 Faith font icon Faith from Holy Sites. Inquisitors and Prophets reduce this religion's presence by half (instead of eliminating it)