Belief Effect
Ceremonial Burial +1 Happiness font icon Happiness per 2 Cities (domestic or foreign).
Charitable Missions Quest Gifts font icon Gold Gifts to City State font icon City States earn 30% more Influence font icon influence.

Note: This works even if the City State does not have your Religion.

Church Property +2 Gold font icon Gold per City.
Defender of the Faith +15% Strength font icon Combat Strength near friendly cities that follow this religion.
Initiation Rites +100 Gold font icon Gold (Quick Speed) per City the first time it converts.
Messiah Great Prophets earned with 25% less Faith font icon Faith.
Missionary Zeal Missionaries cost 50% less Faith font icon Faith and have 1 extra Spread Religion charge.
Religious Settlements Gain 2 Settlers. +25% Border Growth in your cities following this Religion font icon Religion.
Tithe +1 Gold font icon Gold per 4 Followers.