Belief Effect
Apostolic Palace Grand Temple provides +4 Food font icon Food, +4 Production font icon Production, +4 Culture font icon Culture, +4 Science font icon Science, +4 Gold font icon Gold, +4 Faith font icon Faith, and +4 Happiness font icon Happiness.
Charitable Missions Influence boosts from Gold font icon Gold gifts to City-States are increased by 30%.
Evangelism Missionaries 'Spread Religion' action erodes existing pressure from other religions.
Heathen Conversion Missionaries convert adjacent Barbarian units to this civilization.
Houses of Worship May purchase with Faith font icon Faith:
Churches (+1 Happiness font icon Happiness / +1 Faith font icon Faith from Wheat & Cotton)
Chantries (+1 Happiness font icon Happiness / +1 Faith font icon Faith from Gold & Silver)
Monasteries (+1 Happiness font icon Happiness / +1 Faith font icon Faith from Incense & Wine)
Jesuit Education May build Universities, Public Schools, and Research Labs with Faith font icon Faith (for 150/200/250 Faith, respectively.).
Religious Fervor Use Faith font icon Faith to purchase Industrial (and later) land units.
Religious Unity You may send gifts of 100 Faith font icon Faith to City States to earn 10 Influence font icon Influence. If the City State is of your Religion, earn 30 Influence font icon instead.
Sacred Sites +2 Gold font icon Tourism, +2 Faith font icon Faith and +2 Gold font icon Gold from religious buildings purchased with Faith font icon Faith.
Swords To Plowshares +1 Food font icon Food and 25% Food font icon Growth (excess Food) in all cities.
Underground Sect +1 Science font icon Science per 3 Followers in foreign cities and Religion font icon religion spreads 30% further away.
World Church +1 Happiness font icon Happiness and +1 Culture font icon Culture per 5 followers in Foreign Cities and Religion font icon Religion spreads 50% faster.