• Removed UUs: Hakkapeliitta & Carolean
    • Note: If you get a Hakkapeliitta as a gift from a Military City State, it still buffed as follows: Now also receives +1 movement (5 total) and the Charge promotion for free (+33% Combat Strength vs wounded units).
  • [Updated UA] Nobel Prize: +25% Great Person points in all cities. Gain Science whenever a Great Person is born.
    • Formula: Bonus Science = 20 * Current Era (on Quick Speed)
  • [New UU] Great Humanitarian (replaces Great Merchant): Trade Missions with City States earn 90 Influence (up from 30) and +25% more Gold than usual.
  • [New UB] Falu Gruva (replaces Ironworks): National Wonder - In addition to the +8 Production of the Ironworks it replaces, Falu Gruva provides +8 Gold, +1 Production from hills worked by the City, and +4 Great Merchant points. Upon discovering Flight, it also provides +6 Tourism. Only Sweden may build it.