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Note: This page is for World Wonders, National Wonders, and Projects. For Natural Wonders see here.

World WondersEdit

Icon Wonder Unique to Requires Notes
Icon Alhambra
Icon Angkor Wat
Icon Big Ben 64px
Icon Borobudur
Icon Brandenburg Gate
Icon Broadway
Icon Chichen Itza
Icon CN Tower
Icon Colossus 22px
Icon Cristo Redentor
Icon Eiffel Tower
Icon Forbidden Palace 64px
Icon Globe Theatre
Icon Great Firewall
Icon Great Library
Icon Great Lighthouse 22px
Icon Great Mosque of Djenne
Icon Great Wall
Icon Hagia Sophia
Icon Hanging Gardens 64px
Icon Himeji Castle
Icon Hubble Space Telescope
Icon International Space Station Icon World Congress World Congress special project.
Icon Kremlin Icon Order
Icon Leaning Tower of Pisa
Icon Louvre 64px
Icon Machu Picchu 22px
Icon Mausoleum of Halicarnassus
Icon Neuschwanstein 22px
Icon Notre Dame
Icon Oracle
Icon Parthenon
Icon Pentagon
Icon Petra 22px
Icon Porcelain Tower 64px
Icon Pyramids 64px
Icon Red Fort
Icon Sistine Chapel
Icon Statue of Liberty Icon Freedom
Icon Statue of Zeus
Icon Stonehenge 64px
Icon Sydney Opera House 22px
Icon Taj Mahal
Icon Temple of Artemis 64px
Icon Terracotta Army
Icon Uffizi 64px
Icon Prora Icon Autocracy Replaced Prora in NQmod v12.

National WondersEdit

Icon Wonder Building Notes
Icon Industrialization Icon Factory Unlocks Ideology before the Modern Era.
Icon Circus Maximus Icon Colosseum
Icon East India Company Icon Market
Icon Grand Temple Icon Temple
Icon Hermitage Icon Opera House
Icon Heroic Epic Icon Barracks
Icon Ironworks Icon Factory
Icon Mining Icon Workshop Icon Sweden Unique to Sweden replacing the Ironworks.
Icon National College Icon Library
Icon National Epic Icon Monument
Icon National Intelligence Agency Icon Constabulary
Icon National Visitor Center Icon Hotel
Icon Oxford University Icon University
Icon Palace Automatically built in each Civilization's capital city.


Icon Wonder Unique to Notes
Icon Apollo Program Project. Allows building of Spaceship Parts.
Icon Manhattan Project Project. Allows building of Nuclear Missiles.
Icon Grand Bazaar 64px Reward for unlocking Entrepreneurship (Commerce). Grants 2 Trade Route slots.
Icon Utopia Project 64px Reward for completing Aesthetics. Grants you 1 free Social Policy.


Icon Wonder Unique to Notes
Icon Prora Icon Autocracy Replaced by Volkshalle in NQmod v12.